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Dylan Reede


Name: Dylan Reede

Age: 22

Nickname: D, Boss, 7/11

Role at GSG: Founder

Sports you played: American Football, Alpine Skiing, Soccer & Karate.

Favorite moment
In Sports: Earning my scholarship for college.

Favorite Movie: The Creed Series

Favorite Food: Sushi or Italian.

Ultimate Travel
Destination: Maledives

At night you can
Wake me up for: Packers in the Superbowl.

Favorite Quote: "Keep Grinding"

What is your Why? I want to chase my dreams, becoming the guy, the company, the athlete I always wanted to be and never be able to tell myself I did not do anything I could to make it.

Why are you working
At GSG? I started the company.

+31-36-785 69 92

Dylan Reede
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