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Looking Good = Working Good. Nowadays it is super important to have a professional look & view as a company. We always say: "You never have a second chance to make a first impression" So make sure your first impression is perfect. this starts with the way your workers dress. With our skills and long time experience in sports we were able to manufacture the new luxury, top quality and good looking work/business wear. So far more than 350+ workers are walking around, on a daily base, with G-TEC Business wear. Let us help your organization to become the next super foundation you always wanted it to be. 

Your Next Level Workwear Partner.


Looking Good = Working Good

To look professional as a business it is super important to dress up nice. When all your workers are wearing an item with your logo they will be recognized  it will create a team feeling and it shows to them that they mather.

Did you know that: workers who receive work wear will increase their work ethic, motivation and loyalty to the business by up to 47%.


Personalized Designbooks

After making a selection of the items you want we will provide you with a own personalized design book. you can easily see your new work wear, design it, re-adjust it and sign off for production. No need to waist time and simple service. We got you.


Try-on days on location.

Once made a selection we are able to come on location to have each of your workers come try their new work wear. This way we know the sizes and your workers know what to expect right away. This makes sure that we are able to serve your organization better. 


Win the battle with your competitors

To win the battle of your competitors you need to be always one step ahead. We help you witht hat by giving you the option to manufacture, choose & design your own collection of clothing. No, here you can't just pick out of 3 different styles of polo's. You can create them yourself. Be as unique as your business with your own unique clothing.


No minimum order quanitity

Here at GSG, everybody is welcome. We raise the bar by lowering it. With us there is no minimum order quanitty for your work wear. You only need 1 jacket? We got you. Need a full clothingline for your 250 workers headed company? We got you. Being Unique, Being Flexible. Thats what mathers.


Handled with care

Once it is time to deliver your items to you & your workers we are able to make personalized boxes for your workers. They will receive their own box with their own items inside. Saving you time to search it all out yourself. Simple Service, Simply Global Sporting Goods


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"Since working together with Global Sporting Goods our clients tell us all the time: You guys look so professional. They have by far the best & most modern work wear. All to be customized to your wishes. Amazing!"

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