Experts in sport

Gym Design

With a few of our partners we've bundled our strengths do be able to design full gym's and athletic facilities to the need of athletes. Whether that is a bodybuilding type of gym or more a yoga friendly type of gym. Our background in sports helps us advice organizations to design the dream gym they want.

Gym Equipment

Event Management

Events are important for your organization but they are one of the hardest things to organize. Our brand called: PROVN, specialised in Sport marketing & management is able to guide & lead your planning of events. Trainingcamps, championship games, try-outs or even full seasons. They will help you setup, guide & deliver an amazing event.

Illuminated Stadium

Sports Marketing

Marketing is key to your organization. How to grow your organization, how to get more people to watch your first team's games and how to get more sponsors? Questions every organization asks themselves. Our brand called: PROVN is specialized in Sports Marketing & Management for organizations. They will help you set-up, guide & deliver your personlized marketing plan.

Designing an Application

Personalized Equipment 

Your company & brand is powerful and that message should be everywhere within your organization. Global Sporting Goods is able to deliver every type of product, equipment or gear with personalized logo on it. From full gym racks to footballs & even resistant bands. Interested? Send us the product you would like with your logo on and we'll get back to you.


Sports Development

Having your organization look professional is one thing but playing & coaching like the pro's is another. We parnered up with PROVN Performance to help set up a gameplan for sports development within your organization. PROVN Performance helps your organization with coaching sessions, training methods & other tools to have your organization play & coach like the pro's.

Football Team Coach

Fan & Webshop / Site integration

Once building your fanbase a webshop or fanshop is crucial in the world of sports. Fans want to be connected to their team. Did you know that 80+ % of the revenue of sports organizations in the US comes from merchandise? We are specialized in building, designing & maintaining a complete web/fanshop for sports organizations. We can create a full website with webshop as well to help your organization grow even more and look just like the Pro's.

Online Shopping