Equipping each individual to reach their potential is our mission and getting the royal home gym set is your next step to join our mission. If you want to change your lifestyle and are looking for a way to upgrade your home gym, this set is perfect for you.
The basic equipment like bumpers, lock jaws, micro plates, gymnastics ring, royal jump rope, dumbbells, and adjustable bench is already included. To adjust the home gym to your needs, you can choose between different racks, kettlebells, and wall balls. 

Included in the set:
KingsBox Basic Bumper Plates 5Kg (pair) 
KingsBox Basic Bumper Plates 10Kg (pair) 
KingsBox Basic Bumper Plates 15Kg (pair) 
KingsBox Basic Bumper Plates 20Kg (pair) 
KingsBox Steel Micro Loads 0.5kg (pair) 
KingsBox Steel Micro Loads 1kg (pair) 
KingsBox Steel Micro Loads 1.5kg (pair) 
KingsBox Steel Micro Loads 2kg (pair) 
KingsBox Steel Micro Loads 2.5kg (pair) 
Royal Wooden Gymnastic Rings (28 mm)
Royal Jump Rope Camo Arrow
Ultimate Adjustable Bench
KingsBox Lock Jaw Collar (pair) 
Axle Olympic Dumbbell - Fat (Cataforesis) (pair) 
FREE GIFT - Royal Hi-Temp Rubber Floor 100x100 1.5cm - Made in Eu (6 pieces) 

Build up the rest of the set of your choice and choose the accessories and additional equipment above at a discounted price. Start building your dream home gym now!

The "Ultimate" Home Set

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