Produced in Europe.

The appearance and design of this rack, with its height of 2500 mm, will certainly be noticed and will take away only a small space (1020 x 1220 mm). 
With the Royal Power Rack, you will receive a 1100 mm pull-up bar to train pull-ups and muscle-ups. For your safety, the Angel Long Safety Arms will be there to protect you in case of accidental fall. With our J-cups, you can hook the barbell to the structure after every set. 
All the bolts needed to assemble the structure are included in the price. To guarantee additional stability and security to the rack, we recommend anchoring it to the floor.

• J-cups bar supports included in the price. Including all mounting bolts, does not include floor anchoring bolts. 
• Manufactured in EU 
* This item is currently only compatible with the Royal Rigs series

Royal Power Rack CX-35

SKU: KB04RI-006
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