Simple and protective, the Riddell Rival Varsity Football Shoulder Pads have some of the same features as top-level pads at a fraction of the price. Made by one of the top football companies in the game, the Rival pads are suited for any position. The flat pad design mirrors that of other Riddell pads and corrugated arches and epaulets give them a sleek look. Integrated deltoid pads provide extra protection and streamlined caps give these pads a low profile that will keep you moving smoothly on the field. 




  • For use at all positions
  • Flat pad design sits low on the shoulders
  • Corrugated arches
  • Integrated deltoid pads
  • Removable liners for easy cleaning
  • Corrugated epaulets
  • Streamline caps
  • 1" PVC belt

Riddell Rival Shoulderpads

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