Time to look like the future MVP with the Riddell Phenom SK Adult Football Shoulder Pads - Skill Position. Riddell designed the Phenom pads with the varsity player in mind, delivering all the protection and toughness you need to hit the field with confidence. The Phenom Shoulder Pads have a great Air Management padding system that uses a sealed cushion of air to evenly absorb and disperse impacts with ease. These skill position pads are lightweight without cutting down on protection. A removeable backplate gives you the option to go lighter so you can just out run all of your opponents. Recommended for quaterbacks, running backs, tight ends, wide receivers, and defensive backs. Flat pad design gives these pads a low profile fit so you can fly around the field with little or no restriction. 



  • Air management liner system uses a sealed cushion of air for even impact energy absorption
  • Flat pad design for a low-profile fit
  • Corrugated arches for rigidity and toughness
  • Integrated channels for added protection across the shoulders
  • Power cap epaulets for big hitters
  • Removeable back plate for the option of added protection
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Matte finish for a clean, smooth look

Riddell Phenom Skill Shoulderpads - Including Backplate.

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