The official GSG Developed Massage Ball is a key asset to your recovery. The mix of a foamroller & massagegun in the vorm of a bal is easy to use & travel friendly. 


You can easlily charge the Massage Ball with your general smart phone charger or through a USB port. After being fully charged you can use the Massage Ball up to 15 hours straight. 


The GSG Developed Massage Ball is waterproof and can take a good hit. You could play baseball with it but we would not advice you to do so. 


How do you use the GSG Massage Ball: 


You can use the GSG Massage Ball like you use our foamrollers. You put pressure on the ball with your body part and could even use the Massage Ball without putting it on. For extra recovery needs or deeper contact with the muscles you can simply put the Massage Ball on and it will start vibrating. Use it the same as a foamroller and you'll recovery will go to the next level. 

GSG Massage Ball

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