• The sensational difference compared to conventional shoulder pads is that the pads are not fixed to the outer shell as it is usually the case. Instead they are integrated into a seperate padded compression vest.
    • Shell and vest provide an extreme closeness of equipment and body, which provides improved mobility and less gaps between protection and body.
    • Inner vest can also be used for 7-on-7 or non-contact practice.
    • The inner compression vest is made of automotive grade foam which performs 20% better than standard EVA foam, it stays close to the body for maximum range of motion, machine washable (do not use dryer).
    • The light weight carbon shell is meant to be strapped onto the vest.
    • The front part of the shell is narrower than that of usual pads, which helps the player to move the arms more freely.
    • The shell has only one installed shoulder flap, since the padded vest already holds additional padding around the shoulder even reaching to the upper part of the biceps.
    • CE mark of conformity



Measure chest circumference to determine the correct size to your CarbonTek shoulder pads and vest.

Small: 34" - 36"

Medium: 38" - 40"

Large: 42" - 44"

X-Large: 46" - 48"

If you have questions about your size or how to messure your size, feel free to contact us!


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