Big Drip! Big Grill! Get Battle's latest product the Grill Facemask. if you look Good, You play Good! The Ultra-Slim design allows you to talk and breathe freely.


Features & Benefits

  • Low-profile design allows maximum breathability
  • Low-heat water temperature required for custom shaping
  • Remoldable technology allows players to get the ideal fit
  • Meets with NHFS rules
  • Not to be used with braces
  • 1 Ultra-Slim included



Heat water to 100-150 degrees celcius, do not use boiling water.  Approximately 2 minutes in the microwave.

Submerge mouthguard into water, detail side up, for 20-30 seconds.

Remove mouthguard with slotted spoon keeping the mouthguard flat.

NOTE: Do not allow the mouthguard to roll in on itself. If mouthguard appears to have shrunk from original size, gently stretch mouthguard to its original size.

Looking in the mirror, place mouthguard in mouth, detailed (or chrome) side down, with front teeth centered. Bite down gently.

Once sure front teeth are centered, use tongue and fingers to evenly press the mouthguard to teeth in order to ensure optimal molding.

With teeth completely clenched, close lips and suck in until mouthguard comes to a close around teeth. Leave mouthguard in mouth for 2 minutes.



  • Ages 11+

Battle Ultra Slim "Grill" Mouthpiece - Ultra-Slim "Grill" Mouthguard

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