Say Hi to our Ambassadors

Global Sporting Goods partnered up with a few athletes who are seen and noticed as Ambassadors for our company. These people are great examples in their sports and personal life. They fit our business vision perfectly by being passionated about their sports, disciplined, showing leadership and most important of all: They do something great for their community and sport. 

Global Sporting Goods reward these unique people with discounts, exposure and early access to exclusive releases of products. This is our way to give back to the people who are willing to make their sport better, bigger and more known under the public. 

Together with our ambassadors we will try to help their community and sport activities grow by funding these activities. For example getting all the kids T-Shirts or cones. We are way more then just an Sporting Goods company. This goes way beyond that. We're here to help all athletes. Even though some people are not even introduces to sports yet. We are willing to help our ambassadors with everything they need to make sure that they can keep doing the great things their doing right now. 

Say Hi to our ambassadors!

You can meet them here or go to our Instagram or Facebook