We all know the story of great double sport athletes who are since they are 12 already knew they will make it to the NFL. Well since the last years this idea changed. It changed the minds of NFL owners & coaches in a big way. An example of this is first overall pick Baker Mayfield. He walked on to Texas Tech, earned himself an roster spot but then left to Oklahoma to be there starting QB still without an scholarship and paying by himself. 

Nowadays you don't have to play D1 or be the best on the field to make it to College or NFL. Since 2016 more kids from D2 schools made it to the league then D1 guys did. 

Global Sporting Goods has the vision to help there customers in every way. Recently Global Sporting Goods Owner Dylan Reede signed an Scholarship Contract with the College of Idaho. An small NAIA D1 school in Caldwell, Idaho. 

Reede's vision was to not go with an organisation and pay over 22.000 $ for just one year without any further help. He did everything by his own. Emailed and called coaches personally got scholarships and walk - on offers from major big programs like Tulane & Baylor but also failed. A Lot. He learned that having an dream and really living the dream are two different things. There are so many things you need to look out for by just going into your recruiting process. 

An small example: You and your friends are heading to an party on Saturday Night. A girl posts an picture on Instagram and your in the background. The coach(es) who are recruiting you will find out and ask you what you were doing there. The most innocent things in life will change into major factors once you really want to go to the US. 

Reede & Global Sporting Goods want to help young kids to get overseas to either Highschool or directly to College and they don't want kids to pay over 22.000$

If you feel like I want to go to the US but I don't know how and what I need to do. Lets just start with an intake conversation at our Office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

You can book an intake conversation in the calender or contact us personally. 

We will charge you with an 29,99 euro intake fee. 

We are looking forward seeing you soon at our office in Amsterdam. 

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Link to article: http://www.americanfootballinternational.com/hollands-dylan-reede-headed-to-college-of-idaho/