The newest brand designed by PROVN

A company who functions as an consultancy & management agency formultible Athletes, Artists and Influcencers. 

PROVN's vision is to bring over the mentallity that nothing is given! We felt affected by this and that's why we've partnered up with the PROVN Brand! 

Make sure you get yourself one of the unique items their selling and PROVN TO BE!



PROVN Premium T-Shirt

This is the T-Shirt the athletes, artists & influencers are wearing who are being representative by PROVN. Designed to Prove people who...


Who says no to a cookie?
Free visor & Mouthpiece on all orders above €300

Starting the 1st of March 2021 Global Sporting Goods has a month long action going on. Every football related order will receive a spirit package including:

- Visor
- 2x Mouthpiece 

This spirit package is worth €100 and comes for free with your order.

You can pick the items yourselve. How?

Easy, after each order which is being placed one of our team members will be in contact with you to ask you which visor & mouthpiece you would like to have. We'll note it and make sure the items will be delivered with your order.

We like to keep a personal connection with our customers. 

It's simple, It's Global Sporting Goods.