Please take a look at our different team uniforms options. 
  • If you have any special reguests for your uniforms, we’ll make sure that those will be handled with care. No special reguest is to much for us. Whatever you need we will be able to help you out with. 
  • Numbers & Letters – We give you the opportunity to find your own letters & numbers. You send us your ideas and we will turn them into a design
  • Logo’s, batches & stamps –  Whenever you want your logo to be sticked or printed on the unuiform just let us know. We’ll make sure you get it right. A captain batch on some tops? Check. We got it. Endless opportunities with us.
We take pride in our services of handeling your reguests and questions. We always make sure you get what you want. Thats our service, that’s Global Sporting Goods.



Customized Practice Jersey with number.

Same material & fit as NFL Practice Jerseys. Fit with and without pads.



Excellent Selection Full Set Uniforms

The Excelection selection Uniform

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Premium Selection Full Set Uniforms

The Premium selection Uniform

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Standard Selection Full Set Uniforms

The Standard selection Uniform

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A message from our CEO

The COVID-19 (Corona) Virus has the world in his power. All over the world small, big, known and unknown business are being affected by this virus. We are as well. Global Sporting Goods will fight with all other people to make sure that we get ride of this virus. That starts with you. Stay inside, Work out Inside, Take Care of your Family! Don't go to eldery people if not neccessary. Take care of yourself! When your an individual you can still make the difference in winning or losing the smallest battles. We will fight. We will help the people with vital proffessions. Make sure you do that too. 

While the Coronavirus is spreading all over the world and everybody starts to being affected in some way, I myself, want to focus on you. You, my, our dear customer. Thank you! We know that some of you will be so hard and deeply affected by this virus. We're hear for you! You, who maybe works as a police officer, firefighter or as a doctor. Thank you! Thank you for taking care of the people when they needed it the most! Even though your toughts are not with buying Sporting Goods at this point that doesn't mean your nothing for us. You helped building this business. You helped other people with their lives! Let's say Thank YOU! Just remember we're here for you! 

In 2016. I started this business with an vision to change the world in American Football. While others we're having bad injuries because of bad equipment I noiced that if I wanted to make sure the level of Football in the Netherlands was going to grow I had to step in and make a change. For the life of the people. I started this business because I wanted to help people. That's why we here at Global Sporting Goods are always here to help people. Written as the number one rule in our Business plan. Helping others as much as we can. Doing stuff together will always bring you further than doing stuff alone. The world is designed for the human being to co-operate with others to be succesfull. While we started as a small, unknown business in a small room in Almere, The Netherlands. we're now one of Europe's fastest growing sporting goods companies. With worldwide activities, 3 offices, over 10 employees and all because we worked together! One wise wisdom I want to share: "When the world needs it the most, work together! Let's win the battle against this virus by co-operating! We will fight. We will win. We will succeed.".

We will be affected by this virus but we will also make sure that we're still here for you. That's why I've summed up the things who are most important to know at this point:

We're still open!
We want to hear your story!

The last couple of weeks have been exciting in some way. "Will it get to us?" "Oh it's only in China". We're heard a ton of stories so far from you guys. But we want to know them all. I'll tell you how I feel. Sometimes it feels like we're stuck in a movie scene right? It's 2020 this can't be real. Please make sure you tell us what your feeling is, how are you doing? In these times it's important to keep talking about it. This is not something which is happening every day! Call us, Email us, Contact us with your story!

Stay Safe & Take Care!

Make sure you stay safe! I keep saying it but please... Stay Inside as much as you can, only go outside when it's neccessary. Do not affect others if not needed. In the modern time we're in you don't have to be with somebody to talk to them. We have Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp etc. Use these smart tools now and let's fight this virus. Together! As a world. Make sure you do not go to eldery people if not neccessary. Even though you're not feeling sick you can still carry the virus with you. As younger people are not being affected as hard as eldery please make sure you always keep in your mind that there are people dying of this virus. Especially eldery people. From the bottom of my hart. Please think wise, stay save and let's fight this virus!

Take care!

Dylan Reede

CEO & Owner of Global Sporting Goods